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From Dave Newton <>
Date Wed, 04 May 2005 17:25:36 GMT
Larry Meadors wrote:

>It takes a while to really get into IDEA, once you do, everything else feels 
>like notepad or gedit. :-)
>XML editing? Got it, complete with tag and attribute completion.
>JSP editing? Got it, and it is as good as or better than the netbeans editor 
>(that says alot).
>Java editing? Almost really does make your code better.
>Refactoring? Ohhhh baby!
>The only things that I can think of that it *could* do better are SVN 
>support (but with tortoise svn, you do not really need that) and code 
>folding in non-java files (jEdit still rules in that area).
Except for the crappy editor in Eclipse (a programmer's editor without 
macros?!?!?!) it seems to do a pretty good job with the addition of 
MyEclipse (~$30/yearly) although I've seen a few minor complaints and 
bugs. Has the same (or similar, perhaps slightly less functional?) 
features: XML editing and tag completion for XML and JSP, code 
completion inside JSP, Pretty Good refactoring support.

There is an SVN plugin (as well as the usual suspects, although I recall 
one company having issues with the Perforce plugin, like CVS, Visual 
SourceSafe, etc.) that works just fine for me. Tortoise is a fine 
working solution, but I hate having to go out of my editor to do 
anything (Emacs! Whoohoo!)

I have definitely found code completion and refactoring support to be 
_mandatory_ when developing Java code. I'd like to use IDEA but for some 
reason the folks that buy my software really don't care about me and 
want to give me the best tools possible.

Humour/Sad story: Right now I'm using Eclipse for Java (usually, switch 
to Emacs for hard stuff) and am mostly satisfied. before I got here they 
were using Allaire Homesite.

Don't ask, 'cuz I don't know. Of course, all the old apps use fake 
custom tags (parse a text file on every page hit, grep for things that 
look like custom tags, run special code to insert stuff into the text 
file, etc. Like real custom tags but suckier) and all the code 
(including helper classes/methods/etc.) are in included JSP files, 
making it essentially impossible to document, etc.

See, if they had told me all THAT before I got here...


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