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From Rick Reumann <>
Subject Re: How to populate a map of lists in an action form?
Date Wed, 04 May 2005 16:34:31 GMT
Daniel Lobo wrote the following on 5/4/2005 11:19 AM:
> I'm still as you Rick. The only solution i've found, as I said in the 
> first email, is create a new List class, child of ArrayList, with a 
> getter and a setter to get the list itself. This is more or less make 
> the list a bean. In your example you could access to an employee like this:
> testForm.bigList[1].list[2].list[0].lastName
> Wich is not very elegant at all.

Right the above defeats the purpose. Typically I do have beans that have 
  getSomeList() methods so I've never run into this before, but I really 
do think what you are asking could be done without the wrapper class to 
return your List. I'm guessing for every list you want to add you have 
to add it to yoour"Custom List" class which is nothing more than a 
Wrapper type bean that simply has getList and setList methods to handle 
your List.

Someone step up here and help us out. Isn't there a way to nest Lists 
within Lists and have them repopluated from html form data?


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