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From Erik Weber <>
Subject Re: Hosting cost: Java/Struts apps -versus- PHP!
Date Wed, 04 May 2005 16:26:56 GMT
Sorry no URLs, but I have been seeing prices dipping into the $10 range, 
which is even with PHP (the cheapest PHP I ever saw was $4 but typical 
is $8.99 I think). And I have found that Tomcat/MySQL or 
Tomcat/PostgreSQL is everywhere, plus you'll usually get an Apache Web 
Server too. But be aware of what you are getting (you probably won't get 
a private VM for $10, but that doesn't mean it won't work, and you want 
shell access, not just an ftp account). Make sure you don't have to sign 
up for anything long term until you've deployed and tested your app for 
a while. Let the Web server serve all your static content. Watch out for 
lag between the Servlet box and the database box.

What do I tell my customers? Java hosting is already nearly competitive 
and is getting cheaper all the time.

Oh I do know of one cheap Java host -- lunarpages.

If this thread stays alive, more will be posted I'll bet.


Matt Raible wrote:

> I believe that has prices that are competitive 
> with PHP hosting.
> Their $20 (CAD) is $16 US.
> Matt
> On May 4, 2005, at 6:43 AM, O. Oke wrote:
>> Please direct me on how to deal with the comparative
>> high cost of hosting Java applications.
>> ======
>> My potential clients/customers already have PHP server
>> as part of their hosting package. With Tomcat, it is
>> a different story; the hosting companies of most of
>> these potential clients, do not have have Tomcat or
>> any other server for Java application. The few
>> companies that do host Java application, charge extra
>> for this.
>> 1. Despite the higher hosting cost of Java
>> applications, how can I convince a client to go for my
>> Struts application, if the client has a choice between
>> my Struts application and a PHP application that does
>> the same thing?
>> 2. How do those of you that work freelance deal with
>> this problem?
>> 3. Do you know of any hosting company that provides
>> hosting for the Java application only?
>> This reminds me of the battle between Betamax
>> technology and VHS technology.
>> Thank you.
>> O'Dele Oke.
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