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From Andreas Toom <>
Subject Re: How to have a header tile over many modules?
Date Tue, 03 May 2005 08:28:17 GMT
Hello, I have a similiar configuration for my project, a set of menu 
links and a login-box in a tile shared between modules. After reading 
the struts documentation, specifying the property "module" for html:link 
should imho solve the problem but I've had no luck with this approach 
(all i get back with the module parameter is ""). So I've practicly 
hard-coded the links, and with the login-box I run <bean:include 
id="login" href="/authorized/" /> since I use ssl-ext and I 
need to use a specific struts-config to determine http/https. I would 
really like a more dynamic and clean solution than the one I have to 
day, like say:

<html:link action="menuchoice1" module="module1">
<html:link action="menuchoice2" module="module1">
<html:link action="menuchoice3" module="module2">


<html:form action="login" module="authorized">

any ideas is appreciated.

marc wrote:
> So far so good. I have now made 4 modules in struts 1 major and 4 sub 
> modules.
> I then spilt it all in 2 tiles, a menu and a body(the submodules then 
> fill in the body).
> The menu I what to be the same on all sites. But when I forward to one 
> of the modules, I loss the forwards from me major module. Resulting in 
> my menu does work anymore.
> So my Q is, is there away to include the forwards in the submoduls. So 
> that I dont need to put them in all of me modules, but only have them 
> one place.
> Thank an regards
> /marc
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