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From Dave Newton <>
Subject Re: AW: Struts with PHP
Date Mon, 02 May 2005 19:39:54 GMT
Leon Rosenberg wrote:

>Ok, Dave, I beg my pardon, but I think the initual intent of the thread
>originator was far beyond struts/cobol bridges and such.
>I don't want to start new senseless threads about using third generation
>languages, when there are fifth generation languages available and so on.
I was kidding.

Wait until you see my Struts/APL bridge code.

Although with regards to the "generation" of languages: I can still do 
things in Lisp that I can't do in any reasonable way using almost any 
non-Lisp language, and Lisp was right up there with the original 
languages. Interesting. But more modern languages are catching up, which 
is fun to watch. I find a lot of similarities to "modern" language ideas 
in Lisp, SmallTalk, etc.

Here's a joke: A friend recently stole the last 100 pages of a huge, 
proprietary Lisp program, but all he got was the closing parentheses.


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