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From "Aladin Alaily" <>
Subject Re: Opening a NEW browser for a 2nd content type from an action
Date Thu, 12 May 2005 15:08:09 GMT
Hi Dave,

This is pretty straightforward.  In browser "a", you have a button that says:

"Export to PDF"

The code would look like this:

<html:form action="/" target="_NEW">
  <submit name="export" value="Export to PDF">

When the user clicks on the button, the action "" opens an
ServletOutputStream and writes whatever you want.  The headers are also
set to the content-type you want and the format you want (inline or


> Hey all
> is it possible to forme my struts app to open up a second browser window
> for
> the purpose of streaming a different content type (like a pdf file) into
> it
> while maintaining the page in the original browser?
> Essentially, I have a nicely rendered HTML report in browser "a" and when
> the user clicks "export to PDF" or "export to excel" I want a NEW browser
> to
> pop up into which I will send the response with the headerType set to the
> appropriate type.
> the generation of the XL and PDF is handled for me, but the app flow is
> where Im foggy.
> anyone done this?
> --
> -Dave

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