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From "David G. Friedman" <>
Subject RE: Multiple Modules Still Have Issues
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2005 22:34:46 GMT

>From what you have included, your understanding of struts seems incorrect.
The /*.do Struts mappings only work with "Actions", not "forwards."  The
forwards are used internally by your actions (which return ActionForwards)
and cannot be seen over the web as a direct url.  So, to reach
/unique/, you will need an action with the attribute/value of
'path="/foobar"'.  You could have your action's execute() method return
mapping.findForward("foobar") to get to /module1/  Also, you
probably want to change your forward so instead of

path="/module1/" ...etc...

You have

path="/" module="/module1" ...etc...

See the struts-config_1_2.dtd for more details on the pieces of a "forward"
within the struts-config.xml (or module) files.


-----Original Message-----
From: Scott Purcell []
Sent: Tuesday, April 26, 2005 9:38 AM
Subject: Multiple Modules Still Have Issues


I am trying to create two modules. I am following the docs here:

What I have done, is create both entries in my web.xml file like the example



Now I am on the default side, and I entered a entry like so, to use the
forwards to the other side (module1, struts-module1.xml) like so:
    <forward name="/foobar" contextRelative="true" path="/module1/"

Now in the struts-module1.xml I do have an entry like so:
 <action path="/foo" forward="/html-multibox.jsp" />

At a web-browser, I enter this url:
http://localhost/unique/ in doing so, I would assume that I would
be calling the default side, with the forward, which would then
call the other module with a path of foo, thus displaying the
/html-multibox.jsp page.

But, instead I get the error each time that states:
[ERROR] RequestProcessor - Invalid path /foobar was requested

Any ideas what I am doing wrong? Is the path wrong in the forward from the
default side?

Any help would be appreciated.

Also, in my default app, I have extended the RequestProcessor, do I need
that entry in my "module1" struts-config.xml. I couldn't find any
information on that.


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