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From "Brian McGovern" <>
Subject JSTL vs Logic
Date Fri, 01 Apr 2005 20:56:14 GMT
I am switching from using struts-logic tags to jstl and have a really basic question.

An object stored in Application Scope has a method called getKeyValues() that returns an array
list of beans, each having a getKey and getValue method.

logic tag works.
 <logic:iterate id="ListItem" name="STATES_PROPERTIES_KEY" property="keyValues">
	<option value="<bean:write name="ListItem" property="key" />"><bean:write
name="ListItem" property="value"/>

jstl doesn't 
 <c:forEach var="ListItem" items="${STATES_PROPERTIES_KEY.keyValues}" varStatus="currentItem"
 	<option value="<c:out value="${ListItem.key}" />"><c:out value="${ListItem.value}"

Where did i go wrong?

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