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From rmanchu <>
Subject Re: Action <==> Tile
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2005 21:49:55 GMT
Dave Newton wrote:

> In the struts configuration file. Instead of using a path to the JSP you 
> use the name of the tile. You must also be using the Tiles plugin, as 
> detailed in:

i had defined it as that. and the error i get is below. menuAction is 
the name of tile definition

Error :: Path menuAction does not start with a "/" character

i've checked whether TilesPlugin is loaded

Apr 26, 2005 2:33:31 PM org.apache.struts.tiles.TilesPlugin 
INFO: Tiles definition factory loaded for module '/news'.

the logs seems to show that it is indeed loaded

have checked this also. can't see anything wrong

apart from that, i'm working on struts 1.3-dev version. i've included 
the relevant sections - unless i'm missing something :(

     <definition name="baseLayout" path="/common/tiles-baselayout.jsp" >
         <put name="title"     value="News Publishing Module" />
         <put name="header"    value="/news/header.jsp" />
         <put name="menu"      value="menuLayout" />
         <put name="content"   value="/news/moduleindex.jsp" />
         <put name="footer"    value="/common/tiles-footer.jsp" />

     <definition name="menuLayout" path="/common/tiles-menu.jsp" >
         <put name="title"     value="News Menu" />
         <put name="home"      value="/index.jsp?content=/welcome" />
         <putList name="menuitems">
             <item value="Category"
                    link="/menuaction?menu=Category&amp;form=category" />
             <item value="Author"
                    link="/menuaction?menu=Author&amp;form=author" />
             <item value="Picture"
                    link="/menuaction?menu=Picture&amp;form=picture" />
             <item value="Article"
                    link="/menuaction?menu=Article&amp;form=article" />

     <definition name="menuAction" extends="baseLayout" >
         <put name="content"   value="/common/simpleformindex.jsp" />
             <forward name="success" path="menuAction" />



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