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From Stéphane Zuckerman <>
Subject Re: AJAX: Whoa, Nellie!
Date Tue, 19 Apr 2005 12:11:28 GMT
Jesse Alexander (KBSA 21) a écrit :
> Well,... If we look behind the problems that could arise with JavaScript...
> I am really convinced that JS in a webapp is a really BAD idea.
> Think about Cross-Scripting.
> It is not that your web-applicaiton is the culprit, but someoneelse's
> bad-behaving Javascript that does the damage. I am just waiting to here
> about the first case where a developer has to take the responsibilities
> for real damage to a use, because he required JS for a web-app and in this
> way forcing the user to switch on JS-support in his browser, rendering him
> susceptible to damage by another websites ill-behaving JS-code...
> I also think that a well-designed web-UI does not need JS at all...

Mmmh. Well, Firefox lets users choose which site have the right to 
popup() or not. Let's do the same for JavaScript, and the problem 
disappears (of course, the other browsers should do the same).

Stéphane Zuckerman

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