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From Andreas Toom <>
Subject Re: jsp location when using modules
Date Fri, 15 Apr 2005 05:28:20 GMT
Hello again,

The main reason I wanted to use WEB-INF at first was to protect jsp/xml 
but this would lead to module contents i two places, static content 
(images etc) in /modulename and pages in WEB-INF/pages/modulename.

After trying some things I have decided, for now, to place each module 
with all it contents in /modulename and use a filter to protect jsp, 
xml:s etc from direct access. It feels good to place all resources for a 
module in one place...

What do you guys think of this approach?


Hubert Rabago wrote:
> I haven't done this before, but try this:
> 1. Use the forwardPattern attribute of <controller> and give it the
> same value you're giving pagePattern now.
> 2. Set up a custom ForwardAction.  The existing ForwardAction sets
> contextRelative which skips the use of forwardPattern.  For your
> custom version, copy the code in the existing ForwardAction except
> don't set contextRelative to true.
> 3. Change your mappings to:
> <action path="/test" type="your.ForwardAction" parameter="error.jsp"/>
> It should resolve to /WEB-INF/pages/test/error.jsp where
> forwardPattern="/WEB-INF/pages/$M$P" and the module name is "test".
> Looking at TilesRequestProcessor.processTilesDefinition(), it doesn't
> look like it prefixes the uri with module names, nor does it use
> controller.forwardPattern, so if I read it right, it will use the uri
> you set in your tile definitions.
> hth,
> Hubert
> On 4/14/05, Andreas Toom <> wrote:
>>Hello, We are currently refactoring our Web applications into one
>>application using Struts modules so that we can share common resources
>>more easily between the different modules.
>>Now to the problem, we are currently placing all our jsps in
>>/WEB-INF/pages/ but when introducing modules I get 404 for this action:
>><action path="/test" forward="/WEB-INF/pages/test/error.jsp" />
>>Tomcat searches /test/WEB-INF/pages/test/error.jsp
>>I've read that this behaviour can be overwritten with:
>>pagePattern="/WEB-INF/pages/$M$P" />
>>But no result.
>>How can this be solved? do I have to place content for each module in
>>and what does this do to content that we wish to share, for example tile
>>  definitions that are now in /WEB-INF/tiles/ ?
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