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From Andreas Toom <>
Subject <bean:include> + SSL ( + foreign context )
Date Fri, 01 Apr 2005 06:43:37 GMT

I have 2 questions (See below for details)
1, Does <bean:include> work with SSL? if so, how?
2, Does JSTL <c:import> work with Struts actions?

Yesterday after some months of developing on a Struts application it was 
time to enable SSL. Enabling tomcat with SSL support was no problem and 
it looked like it would be a sweet ride but out of nowhere this 
exception pops up:

Exception opening resource 
https://localhost/fragments/fragment_login.jsp: No trusted certificate found

The fragment is included with:
<bean:include id="login" page="/fragments/fragment_login.jsp" />
and then
<bean:write name="login" filter="false"/>

Includes works fine without SSL. SSL works and I can render the fragment 
jsp alone without any problems, in fact the whole Struts app works fine 
with SSL as long as I don't use <bean:include>.

After some googling I find this mailinglist post: 
with a similar error but no solution.

Alternative solutions:

I try <jsp:include> and it works fine, but the problem is that I have 
another app which will include the login fragment aswell so I need 
something that can access a foreign context (App B will access fragments 
from the context of App A) I try JSTL c:import with 
href="/fragments/fragment_login.jsp" and context="/" which in my mind 
would lead to a http request from App B to App A and the inclusion of 
the response as a String, but instead I get a action mapping error 
saying action /login cannot be found, well of course since the action 
/login is not defined in App B only in App A.

How does the <c:import> work? shouldn't <c:import> return the content in 
HTML not in jsp-code (?) for App B to compile in the App B context?

So this is what it all sums up to:
<bean:include> cannot include content over SSL ?,
<jsp:include> and JSTL <c:import> can both include content over SSL,
JSTL <c:import> cannot import content with Struts action references from 
antoher context???

Any ideas would be really appreciated.


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