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From Nic Werner <>
Subject Re: One click on a link -> two requests/calls to Action (?!)
Date Thu, 31 Mar 2005 22:43:19 GMT
    I had a similiar issue where I was adding a user, and I would get an 
error about breaking unique constraints. Looking at the logs, I saw this 
action being performed twice. I don't have an exact solution, but what I 
did was re-checked my pageflow (I was using DispatchAction), and made 
sure I was returning to the correct page, or none at all to narrown down 
the issue. This 'solution' didn't really justify my actions to correct 
it, but I haven't had time to go back.


- Nic.

Wendy Smoak wrote:

>From: "Dave Newton" <>
>>Nothing immediate smacks me... Without the Action code it'll be tough.
>>Is it a subclass of an uber-Action? Are you doing anything...
>>interesting in a custom RequestProcessor? How is the action-mapping
>>configured, what ActionForward are you returning (i.e., path through the
>>Action after submission), etc.
>I posted the mapping and the 'execute' and 'addContact' methods:
>There's nothing special going on.  Definitely no custom RequestProcessor.
>It's just a LookupDispatchAction that looks at 'userAction' to pick the
>method.  And at the point you ask it to add a record, it  returns
>Thanks for looking at it.  I've stared at it for a while and I just don't
>see anything that could be causing that second pass through the Action code.
>Could anything other than an actual HttpRequest make the RequestProcessor
>   Processing a 'GET' for path '/editContact'
>I'm going to look at all the JavaScript to see if there's something that is
>somehow making a second request.  (The 2-3 second delay makes me think this
>is happening as/after the page is rendered.)

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