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From Rakefet Bitton <>
Subject Re: AW: Multi-select file chooser
Date Mon, 28 Feb 2005 23:31:40 GMT
Frank W. Zammetti <fzlists <at>> writes:

> You can have as many <file> elements in a form as you want, and you can 
> process them all at once.  My web host (LunarPages) has a decent file 
> manager, one of the functions it has is the ability to upload up to 12 
> files at a time.
> I don't know of any single tag to render such a form, but that's really 
> what you need, and it should be trivial to write (although I'd bet it 
> exists somewhere).  It's the server-side processing that *could* be 
> tricky (although I think Commons Upload would deal with it just fine, 
> probably give you a collection or something, I forget what the interface 
> looks like.)

Yes, you can have as many <file> elements as you want on a form. But wouldn't 
you have a "browse" button for each <file> element? What I was hoping is that 
when the user selects the "browse" button and the file chooser comes up, they 
could select more then 1 file.  Do you know how I might do this?

Rocky Bitton

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