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From Dakota Jack <>
Subject Uploading: And a Wish List for Struts v1.3 and v2.0 Jericho
Date Fri, 25 Feb 2005 19:56:02 GMT
This is a topic I continually return to, so I thought I would make a
one time statement of my rough thoughts on these matters to both lists
and save space in the long run.

I deal with applications.  An upload application is a good starting
point, because what I would like to be able to do with Struts is
exemplified well by such an application.

I like the Struts setup, but my requirements are not built to Struts
but independent of Struts.  For an upload application, the following
is not only what I require but what I have done and do with Struts,
albeit without being able to use the ActionForm, because the default
upload architecture makes that more difficult than not.

An interface Upload to the UploadAction in Struts which will provide
the following "abilities", "services", etc.

1.  Methods to dynamically add and remove monitors to the parsing
process with the variables as hooks to the Upload implementations. 
Methods to access the state of these monitors.  This has involved
wrapping and overriding the parsing process in DiskFileUpload and
FileItem in the commons fileupload package.

2.  Methods with helper class parameters accessing the monitors, e.g.
provide feedback on uploads, email upload state, etc.

3.  Methods to set, to reset and to get stores in various types, e.g.
directory, zip, memory, database, etc. storage, including coarse
grained aspects such as getting connections to different databases,

4.  Methods to set and to get various file overwriting strategies.

5.  Methods to dynamically set the parser.

6.  Methods to control dynamically what extension types are uploaded
either by "blacklist" or "whitelist" or otherwise relating to users,
to applications, etc.

7.  Methods to dynamical control the number and size of file uploads
relating to users, to applications, etc.

8.  Methods to dynamical set and get upload histories.

So, essentially I want the Struts architecture to be able to
accommodate facade classes relating to the model.

To be able to work with the Struts architecture, the process of
"massaging" the request provided to the Action and the process of
adding data to the ActionForm I need an architecture to accommodate
the various ways I might implement the Upload class and like classes
for other applications.  This means that ActionForm cannot, for
example, restrict us to some FormFile class in RequestUtils, etc. 
This also means that the RequestProcessor process has to allow us to
substitute in request wrappers, parsers, and handlers.  The general
idea should be clear.  When choices are made, the interfaces should
allow for options.

Hope this is helpful.  If not, please understand it was meant to be helpful.


"You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it float on its back."
~Dakota Jack~

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