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From Todd Nine <>
Subject Problems with ControllerConfig properties
Date Tue, 08 Feb 2005 17:50:59 GMT
Hi all,
   I am trying to extend RequestProcessor as well as ControllerConfig
and I am running into errors.  For instance, when I use the default
ControllerConfig, all of the values are initialized to their defaults,
and no setters are called.  When I extends the processor and the
config, setters are being called for properties I have not specified! 
For instance, here is my mapping

<controller processorClass="com.llic.web.action.LaserRequestProcessor"
inputForward="false" locale="false"
className="com.llic.web.config.LaserControllerConfig" nocache="true">
		<set-property property="mappingName" value="login" />

Obviously setMappingName("login") is executed, but setLocale(false) is
being executed on the super class ControllerConfig (I know this from
debugging and setting a breakpoint).  Why is this happening, I am only
specifiying one property, why is the setter being called?  I am using
struts version 1.2.4.


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