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From Vic <>
Subject Re: Struts or SpringFramework
Date Fri, 18 Feb 2005 19:48:39 GMT
There are 2 chains. One is the request processor chain, the heart of 
Struts that Joe is donating design and implementation. Most users in 
Struts never touched it before, and likely will never touch it now; I 
stay away from it (other than to see how it works so I can do mutlri row 

So now that leave the Action.  You can keep doing what you do. But... 
you can create user commands (a user chain) if you like CoR. (and ... 
some of us love it, it's KISS and powerfull).
If you do "user chain" or CoR Actions... you could switch to any 
framework with a lot less pain. (Shale if you like). I also take my use 
CoR action and run them from command line:
java -jar run.jar SEND_MAIL
This starts my action to send an email to all the new users.

So ... my same CMD I wrote for WebTier... now has a char input. Or SoA, 
or RiA, or XML-RPC. So that's good.
Also, it provide a good framework on it's own.
One thing Struts had is that I can look at somone elses struts-config 
and have an idea how to maintain their code. Commons-chain has that, a 
map of comands, that I can even configure.

Now ... let me get contraversial, (because I am usualy so shy)
I used to do IoC in place of CoR. In IoC you have diferent signatures 
... and they you can configure/inejct.
In CoR .... the singature is allways the same.

So ... what happend last summer is I ended up having like 70 CoR 
commands  built. One of my develops had work (imagine) and... he started 
pluging in cmds from diferent chains, in his own chain... and built 
something without code!!
My jaw was on the floor. I asked how he inveted this? He said he assumed 
that's what I wanted!!!
(I then told everyone to rewrite IoC into CoR - at least no thinking 
about the signature, and pull it out.... it's gone now - Hivemind)
The point is... that once you have a lot of commands.. you may notice 
that you can just plug comands in to each other, like Lego.
I think you play some w/ Digester.... this is just another variation on it.

So becuase 1.3 is legacy, you can keep using old action singature, 0 
But... if you want, you can try CoR for your commands. It works in 
anything, event "old" Struts.
It goes by many names for now, user chain is one name (even for me at 
least most of the time... it's only one command in the chain. Oh... cmd= 
= chain ) Over time, we will start calling it one thing.


Wendy Smoak wrote:

>Wait... I think it was Joe who said that if we had never cared about the
>Struts RequestProcessor up to now, we could ignore 'chain

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