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From Vic <>
Subject ot: LazyDynaMap
Date Sun, 13 Feb 2005 00:28:39 GMT
This looks very nice! I plan to use it w/ JDNC.

It be nice to have a DynaList. It would be an indexed ArrayList of 

So from iBatis I can return an ArrayList of Maps as DTO and .... just 
map it.

Niall Pemberton wrote:

>You could use a LazyDynaMap to do this (with Struts 1.2.4). LazyDynaMap is a
>"wrapper" for a Map. Because its not an ActionForm Struts will wrap it in a
>BeanValidatorForm, which you can use with Validator.
>Just specify it in the struts-config.xml for your form.
><form-bean name="mapForm" type="org.apache.commons.beanutils.LazyDynaMap"/>
>In your action you can get the actual Map in the following way...
>    LazyDynaMap dynaMap = ((BeanValidatorForm)form).getInstance();
>    Map myMap = dynaMap.getMap();

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