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From Jeff Beal <>
Subject Re: <html:text ... value="<bean:message .../>"/>???
Date Fri, 11 Feb 2005 13:37:33 GMT
Andrew Stepanenko wrote:
> If I don't use action form and simply provide <input type="text" 
> value="<bean:message key='admin.msg.rcpt'/>"> everything works fine and 
> I can see the proper internalized string in the text field. But I need 
> to use action forms.

Not using the <html:text/> tag does *not* mean that you cannot use 
ActionForms.  The <html:text/> tag is a convenience for displaying form 
values to the user.  Since it looks like you're pulling the value from a 
properties file using <bean:message/> instead of from the ActionForm, I 
don't see that you would lose anything by using the approach you mention 

-- Jeff

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