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From Jeff Beal <>
Subject Re: Best practice for formbean scope and handling form validation errors
Date Fri, 04 Feb 2005 17:14:11 GMT
Adam Lipscombe wrote:
> But, if the scope of the "myActionForm" formbean is "request" a new instance
> of the formbean is constructed when Form1.jsp is re-displayed. Hence none of
> the data that it originally held in it is present and the form fails. The
> formBean was originally populated by /
> In order to preserve the myAction formBean I have to make its scope
> "session".

Based on the rest of your email, this is what should be happening:

  1) is populating myActionForm with data from your Model 
  2) Form1.jsp pulls the values out of myActionForm and displays them to 
the user
  3) The request ends, and the myActionForm instance created in (1) is 
  4) The user makes changes to the form values on Form1.jsp and submits 
the changes to the server
  5) Struts creates a new instance of myActionForm and populates it with 
values from the request. *If Form1.jsp was written correctly, all of the 
values populated from the Model in (1) along with any user changes from 
(4) should be in the request*
  6) myActionForm is validated.  If the validation fails, control is 
returned to (3) with the data from (4)

I'm a little unclear as to where exactly your problem is, but it seems 
that some or all of the values from the original myActionForm are not 
getting written to the user, and therefore are not being submitted with 
the second request to populate the second instance of myActionForm.

-- Jeff

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