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From Vic <>
Subject Re: Struts 2.0 or Struts 0.0? [or Struts 1.42?]
Date Wed, 02 Feb 2005 15:18:10 GMT
I know you asked Ted/Craig but Tapestry is a Apache project, like 
Struts, a good framework that is View centric, home page says: " 
Tapestry is an alternative to scripting environments such as JavaServer 
Pages or Velocity"
Accroding to latest "market share" reportring (by Raible) Struts is like 
70% of market share. (Having said that, I wish that people that use 
Struts becuase it's popular go away, one should use own judgment; if 
everyone used EJB, would you use that too? or would you jump of a 
bridge? Waren Buffet has a book and a chapter on Lemmings)
Even if Struts loses 10% every year, that would make it say 5% or 3%, 
or.... 1% say in many years.
Tapestry, JSF, WebWorks, Symphony, etc.  are all fine comunities that 
have that kind of a market share, so it would not be bad at all. (and 
then all the questions about is this the most pouplar one would go away).


(It's a bit like sayind what method call you you call in your code? I'ts 
up to you).

Alex Kravets wrote:

> Ted, Graig,
> 've read some posts/blogs where people who've used Struts and now use 
> Tapestry say that they will never go back to Struts again.

see above. If you have similar needs as them maybe you should do that.
In 2000, would say they are 
better and Turbine did; there was allways competition.

> Is this what Struts Shale tries to change/disprove?

I hope not!!!

I feel like I am the old Lakers, #1, and everyone hates you. And yes, I 
hate the Lakers. :-P


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