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From <>
Subject RE: Newbie--->Construct JSPs on the fly
Date Thu, 17 Feb 2005 18:18:21 GMT

This is pretty simple application and the requirements are not new for
web based projects.

You don't have to create individual JSP pages for each of the student.
But yes, layout (template for each of the student is going to be same).
Information inserted can vary from student to student.

Moreover use JSTL. 

Arvind Bir

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Sent: Thursday, February 17, 2005 10:09 AM
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Subject: Re: Newbie--->Construct JSPs on the fly

Apart from all the other suggestions, if you're going to be doing this 
kind of work often you might want to look at Freemarker:
just create the template and retreive all customizable data from ur 


Yan Hu wrote:

>Hello Guys:
>   This is my first real Struts-based project. I am fairly new to
Struts. I know some basics and
>tried a few toy examples. Now it is time for a serious one.
>   My project involes students.   Each student has her own page that
might take her to pages that
>are customized just for her.  I can not jus write a JSP page for each
student. For example, a
>student is taking Eng101, Chem101, and CS120 this semester.  I fetch
from the database all the
>info for these 3 classes she is taking.    I do not want to put all the
info on the first page
>after she logged in.  I want to have three links on the first page and
take her to a sub JSP page
>for each specific class for example Eng101.jsp.  There are lots of
students. I can t write all the
>pages for them.  In addition, it changes every semester what classes a
student takes.   My
>question is how do I construct JSPs on the fly? I will need to use
Tile. What else do you suggest
>me to look into? Thank you very much.
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