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From "Daffin, Miles (Company IT)" <>
Subject RE: Constants for property names
Date Fri, 11 Feb 2005 17:29:10 GMT
My responses are interspersed. 

> Daffin, Miles (Company IT) wrote:
> > What do people feel about using constants for property names?
> I can't really see the point. A property name is like a 
> variable name, it will never be displayed or localized, so 
> why would you ever want to change it?
e.g. Refactor --> rename. (Do you always get it right first time?) 
e.g. Misspelling a property name. How would you tell you had until you
get a run time error of some kind? (String literal constants are evil.)
> > <html:text property="<%=Keys.Section0.APPLICANT_NAME%>"/>
> Can you think of a case where this value won't be "applicantName"?

I think you have missed my point, such as it was. The property name here
is defined by the bean. To ensure I don't misspell it I can use a
constant. This makes it easier to maintain the property: rename or
> > - jstl tags
> > - xml files (e.g. struts-config, validation)
> Worse: if you have an ActionForm, you can't have a property 
> whose name depends on a constant!! And what about getters and setters.

What do you mean by 'depends on a constant'? ActionForms have
properties. These have names. These names are used in many places: java,
jsp, xml.

> > Should I forget about defining
> > constants?
> Yes :)

I am unconvinced.

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