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From Tim Christopher <>
Subject Struts Approach
Date Fri, 25 Feb 2005 23:43:10 GMT

I'm currently designing a web application and as time progresses I
keep on less convinced that my approach is correct.

Applying what I have to a shop example the classes I have are:

* Note: I use the iBATIS framework.
# Contains get + set methods using correct types, ie. name (String),
age (int), etc.
# An interface for database operations for the Customer, i.e.
insertCustomer, updateCustomer, etc.
# Implements the CustomerDAO interface and effectively calls the db.
# Used to gain access to CustomerDAO and CustomerSqlMapDAO. (ex insert method - but will contain CRUD)
# Gets instance of CustomerService; copies jsp form details into a
DynaActionForm; copy form DynaActionForm to object;
calls insert method in CustomerService with Customer object as the
parameter; return ActionForward.

# Contains DynaValidatorForm for storing customer details.

I've tried looking through a few books and using Google for
information that would explain if this is the correct approach, but
all the tutorials I can find only show examples of projects that are
very small.

I'm now at the stage in my project where I think I still have time to
change the design if I do it in the next couple of days - otherwise
I'm stuck with the approach I'm using above.

I think the closest I've come to finding anything is here:

...  Though to be honest I don't really understand it.  

Can someone take a look at my previous example and suggest any extra
classes I should be using.  Also it would be useful if you could let
me know how the existing files link up to being: DAOs, DTOs, Value
Objects (same of DTO?!), and business classes.

I think I'm a little confused! :os

Any help would be appreciated.

Tim Christopher

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