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From Vinicius Caldeira Carvalho <>
Subject Checkbox problem again
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2005 17:29:34 GMT
I'm trying to set an checkbox to be disabled. But it's not working anyway

<%String enable = String.valueOf(myBean.isEnable)%>

<nested:checkbox property="status" value="S" disabled="<%=enable%>"/>

Well, that throws an Exception setDisable(boolean). Ok so I tried

<nested:checkbox property="status" value="S" 

no errors thrown but It does nothing, it doesn't even outputs the 
disabled on <checkbox> html tag.

Another desperate try:
<nested:checkbox property="status" value="S" disabled="isEnable"/>

Same thing as above.
Can't struts handle checkbox propertly???

Vinicius Carvalho
Squadra Tecnologia
View framework? Thy name is Tapestry

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