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From Vamsee Kanakala <>
Subject Re: Struts or SpringFramework
Date Fri, 18 Feb 2005 10:14:43 GMT
Richard Reyes wrote:

>Whats the advantage of using spring for your persitence layer when you
>can do it with struts?
I had the good fortune to read Rod Johnson & Juergen Hoeller's "J2EE 
developement without EJB". From what I can glean from the book, Spring 
is much more than a MVC or a Persistenece layer.

As Dakota Jack already said, it's a light-weight j2ee application 
framework. It uses 'Dependency Injection' or 'Inversion of Control' to 
make configuration and testing of web-apps much more simpler. Good 
starting point:

Also, it uses AOP to handle security concerns and other "aspects". A lot 
of the book is also devoted to giving arguments to support "EJB is way 
too complex for most web applications" and "open-source alternatives are 
easier to use and maintain" and "don't distribute your objects". 
Ofcourse I can't do full justice to the book, but it convinced me enough 
to try out Spring sometime in my next project.


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