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From Andrew Stepanenko <>
Subject <html:text ... value="<bean:message .../>"/>???
Date Fri, 11 Feb 2005 10:22:33 GMT
Hello, all!

Can anybody please tell why I can't get <html:text> tag to display a 
message resource as its value so that text field appear on a page with 
already internalized string?

<html:text property="rcpt" value="<bean:message key='admin.msg.rcpt'/>" />

The problem is that the string "<bean:message key='admin.msg.rcpt'/>" is 
interpreted as a string and not as a tag and thus I get <bean:message 
key='admin.msg.rcpt'/> in my text field instead of the internalized string.

If I don't use action form and simply provide <input type="text" 
value="<bean:message key='admin.msg.rcpt'/>"> everything works fine and 
I can see the proper internalized string in the text field. But I need 
to use action forms.

Thanks in advance,

Andrew Stepanenko,
Software engineer,
Ukrainian-Dutch Faculty of Economics and Management
Ternopil Academy of National Economy
Shevchenko Street 9, Office 24-25
Ternopil, 46000 UKRAINE
Tel: +38 (0352) 43 52 41
fax: +38 (0352) 43 52 45

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