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From Brandon Mercer <>
Subject WAY OT Database Crossroads
Date Tue, 01 Feb 2005 17:19:03 GMT
Ok, I've officially NOT followed some standard somewhere.  :-(  Shame on 
me!  Can somebody help me with the following predicament?  I've got a 
table of transactions that need to be processed.  In that table I have a 
column for that persons account number... which gets assigned in a 
different table which is keyed on account number and transaction number 
:-(.  So I can't very well insert.... (break in thought) so I guess I 
don't NEED to key it on transaction because that particular table of 
information will only have ONE entry with one account number.  This 
brings me to my next crossroad. 

Lets say that I have a table that has a field that references another table
 | transcode |  typeoftrans      |
 |00000002  | payment            |
 |00000003  | transfer             |

and the value of transtype determines the next table that I have to 
insert information into.  How do I handle the insert of information in 
that scenario?  I've got as far as INSERTing it into the first table, 
recalling the transcode (which auto_inc), and I know the type of 
transaction before I do the insert.  Is it best to just have some logic 
in my data class that says if (typeoftrans.equals("somevalue")) {
perform this insert
I think I may have just answered my own questions... but I'm curious to 
see how the savvy struts pros would do it :-).  Thanks!

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