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From J.Patterson Waltz III <>
Subject Re: Character encoding problems after 1.1 to 1.2.4 upgrade
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2005 17:05:13 GMT

On 6 janv. 05, at 17:44, Guillaume Cottenceau wrote:

> J.Patterson Waltz III <lists 'at'> writes:
>> Notice in the third line of the form data:
>> &personTO.comments=%C3%A9t%C3%A9
>> That's 'été' URLencoded as UTF-8.
>> So I'm still stumped. :-(
> But that's exactly what you want. The SetCharacterEncodingFilter
> will set the character encoding of the HttpServletRequest before
> data is retrieved from it, and when it's retrieved it should be
> correctly decoded. Are you sure the filter is up and running?

I agree that that encoding is what I want. It's just that it's not 
getting decoded upon display. Or rather, it's getting URL-decoded, but 
not UTF-8 decoded.

I'm sure the filter is up and running because I added logging 
statements to the Apache example code. So in my log, I see:

2005-01-06 17:30:34,706 DEBUG 
[com.cerenit.sage.util.web.SetCharacterEncodingFilter] ignore = true, 
encoding = utf-8, request encoding is null
2005-01-06 17:30:34,706 DEBUG 
[com.cerenit.sage.util.web.SetCharacterEncodingFilter] setting encoding 
to utf-8

I have the filter set to match the url-patterns *.do and *.jsp.

I'm wondering if the fact that the form fields are all defined in 
subtiles could make any difference: I'd guess not, since it's the 
outermost tile which defines the page encoding.

I also have another filter, the ResponseOverrideFilter used by 
displaytag, which appears before the SetCharacterEncodingFilter in my 
web.xml. I wonder if it could be interfering with the 

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