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From "Randall Svancara" <>
Subject Adding parameters to a link
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2004 23:01:16 GMT
I am new to struts. I am trying to add parameters to a link using
<html:link>someplace</html:link>.  Here is the code below.  For each
iteration, I want to create a dynamic link.

    <logic:iterate id="result" name="ParcelSearchForm"
    <td><html:link forward="ParcelResult" paramName="ParcelSearchForm"
paramId="parcel" paramProperty="concatenateAddress"><bean:write
name="result" property="parcel"/></html:link></td>
    <td><bean:write name="result" property="year"/></td>
    <td><bean:write name="result" property="parcelStatus"/></td>
    <td><bean:write name="result" property="concatenateAddress"/></td>me

I have a ActionForm called ParcelSearchAction and a Form bean called
Parcel. How do I generate a dynamic link like the one shown below:



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