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From "Daffin, Miles (Company IT)" <>
Subject Adding rows (beans) to dynamic form
Date Wed, 01 Dec 2004 21:27:07 GMT
Hi All,
I apologise in advance for this question - but I have searched/tried all
day without nailing a solution.
I am using DynaValidatorActionForm. One of the fields is a list of
qualifications. Each qualification has three fields (I have implemented
this as a simple custom bean).
I want the user to be able to add qualifications to the list
dynamically. Initially there will be a table with three text inputs. If
the user presses a 'Save' button on the same row as the inputs the form
will be submitted and reloaded. The user will then see a row for the
data they just added (with a delete button), followed by the row of
three empty inputs as before. The user can then go on adding
qualifications to the list before finally submitting the whole form
(different dispatch).
I have done this before without struts (a hideous combination of
javascript and jsp scriptlets). Can anyone point me a example of how to
do this kind of thing cleanly with tags/struts? I feel I may be
overcomplicating things.
Many thanks.
Miles Daffin
Morgan Stanley
20 Cabot Square | Canary Wharf | London E14 4QA | UK
Tel: +44 (0) 20 767 75119 <> 
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