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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject Re: MVC business separation design
Date Fri, 24 Dec 2004 11:02:27 GMT
On 12/21/2004 08:13 PM&nbsp;icon911 wrote:
> I am using struts with tiles. Now, I have a questioner that is being
> displayed on a page that calls UrlController.  Before it is displayed
> I need to get the values out of the database. The question is since I
> cannot use another action with the urlController to populate the
> actionform bean, should I do the actual data population in the
> urlController or should I create another class, and just initialize it
> from the urlController and the class in turn will do all the data
> retrieval from the database and than urlController will copy the data
> to the actionform bean?

hi Fedor

from your description I'm not totally clear what role the urlController 
plays - plus its name is very suggestive of a controller as in 
model-view-controller - although it seems it is your view component.

However I think I know what the issue is - you want to seperate the 
logic for handling a form submission from the logic for a form 

 From discussions these days it appears this issue is something that 
everyone wants the next generation of struts / jsf / whatever to 
address, since struts doesn't address it directly now.

You can use another action to populate the form bean - in the forward of 
the first action, point it to the URL of a new action. You can even make 
it a redirect and the page will display with the appropriate 
human-readable URL, if that's important to you. It's known as the 
Post-Redirect-Get pattern.

Hope this addresses your question!

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