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From Kris Schneider <>
Subject Re: Dynamically adding an ActionMapping
Date Mon, 20 Dec 2004 00:17:49 GMT
Along those lines, you might want to check out the backport of JSR 166 

And perhaps specifically ConcurrentHashMap:

Craig McClanahan wrote:

> Cool ... this looks like a much better solution to the problem that
> FastHashMap tried to solve.  And I trust the implementors of this
> library a *heck* of a lot more than I trust myself (I wrote
> FastHashMap originally) to get all the nitpicky details right.
> Craig 
> On Mon, 20 Dec 2004 10:17:11 +1300, Jason Lea <> wrote:
>>Craig McClanahan wrote:
>>>This is *exactly* where the problem lies.  If one looks inside the
>>>implementation of HashMap, one sees that there are times when the
>>>internal data structures are being modified, and are in a potentially
>>>inconsistent state that would corrupt a read operation happening on a
>>>simultaneously executing thread.  If you are accessing a HashMap with
>>>read and write operations on multiple threads, the only safe thing to
>>>do is lock all the reads, as well as all the writes.
>>If someone were to attempt a change,  I imagine using something like
>>ConcurrentReaderHashMap or ConcurrentHashMap would be good starting
>>point to avoid these locking problems.  One problem would be dependency
>>(either using java.util.concurrent for J2SE 5.0 or
>>EDU.oswego.cs.dl.util.concurrent for earlier Java versions)
>>Jason Lea

Kris Schneider <>
D.O.Tech       <>

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