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From Andrew Hill <>
Subject Re: Annotations and Struts
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2004 06:20:23 GMT
Im not so sure that would work too well as the actionforms are 
representations of the view state, and whats in a form on the view 
doesnt necessarily correspond directly to the objects that are modelled 
at the business tier, and often contains other stuff that is view 
specific, or exists to workaround view layer issues (like the need for a 
reset method).

Mike Duffy wrote:

> The Austin JUG meeting tonight featured the J2SE 5.0 presentation from Sum.
> I am currently using the new annotations feature on a test project using EJB 3.0 and
JBoss.  It is
> very cool; just annotate your entity beans and the server does all the database mappings.
> As I was listening to tonight's presentation, I thought it would be a good idea to annotate
> same entity beans with "formParameter" annotations; i.e., do away with form beans and
the mapping
> of form beans to business model objects.
> I know this is exactly what is planned for JSF (making the backing beans and entity beans
one in
> the same); however, I do not want to move to JSF at this time (maybe the change will
be worth
> while when JSF truly has some rich client components; until then, why make such a radical
> from something that is working well).
> In any case, has anyone given serious thought to doing away with form beans in Struts
and moving
> to annotations?
> Mike
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