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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject Re: view controller
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2004 19:33:38 GMT
On 12/02/2004 04:05 PM Joe Germuska wrote:
> At 10:26 AM +0000 12/2/04, Adam Hardy wrote:
>> I'm intrigued to know how you would declare the view controllers and 
>> register them against URLs. It would be in struts-config.xml 
>> presumably. Would you be able to register them against a tile def? 
>> Would the view controller have the same method signature as the action 
>> execute()?
>> Have you actually got anything in the nightly build yet?
> No, nothing yet.  The first order of business is getting the chain in 
> there, and action on that is waiting for the full release of Chain 1.0.  
> I'm thinking about the issues and looking for challenges while we wait.
> As for anything specific to a view controller -- well, I'm not sure how 
> it would be configured, and I consider that important.  In a project 
> here, we have a class we call "UIToolKit" which has a collection of 
> "renderers", and then we have a "PagePrep" chain command which operates 
> between "ExecuteAction" and "TilesPreProcess". (This allows the 
> controllers to be registered against tiles paths, although now that I 
> think of it, it is probably only operating for the "master" or top-level 
> tile.
> The renderer config looks something like this:
>      <render
>          path        =".configure.SelectTopicsOrModel"
>          type        ="....ConfigureRenderer"
>          method    ="selectTopicsOrModel"
>          form        ="configure_SelectTopicsOrModel"
>          scope   ="request"
>          />
> where "path" is compared to the return value of "getPath()" called on 
> the ActionForward which was returned by the Action class.  "type" is a 
> class, and "method" is a method on the class; for our local use, it is 
> understood that the method will take a single "RenderContext" argument.  
> "form" and "scope" are optional, but if defined, they will be used to 
> put a form into the RenderContext so that prepopulation can occur.  The 
> RenderContext also has references to the request, response and other 
> application classes which may be necessary to do the prepopulation or 
> other view preparation.
> I'm not specifically proposing this for Struts at all, but only offering 
> it so that people can critique and consider some of the issues we've 
> covered here in a "prototypical" implementation of this idea.
> The RenderContext would probably be replaced by a class called 
> "ViewContext" which has been discussed recently on the dev mailing list, 
> and fairly thoroughly elaborated on by Ted Husted.
> Moving forward, the main question is whether it's even worth creating a 
> new area of struts configuration for this, or whether it would be more 
> suitable simply to advise people to configure chain commands which do 
> the same thing.  Ted's idea is that "ViewContext" would be a subclass of 
> Chain context, so the structure of any view controller class would be 
> pretty similar to a Chain command: "public void execute(Context)"
> What might make more sense would be to create an abstract Chain command 
> which knows how to look up a form and put it in the view context, and 
> then users could extend it and implement their view preparation.  We 
> didn't do that here because we were still very new to Chain, and we 
> weren't yet comfortable with the chain configuration syntax.  But as 
> this is taking shape, and as I'm writing this, I think I'm leaning 
> towards just doing it with Chain, especially for starters.  The Chain 
> model was recently extended to make it easier to manage a map of named 
> command catalogs, so that you wouldn't have to cram everything into a 
> single mega-config file.
> And, of course, something we've been noticing is that using chain, 
> Actions themselves could be directly replaced with chain commands, once 
> people become comfortable with chain configuration.  But one step at a 
> time!  The initial chain implementation is totally backwards compatible 
> with old Struts config files.

If your view controller is actually just a command on the chain for an 
action mapping, how would you register it against the action mapping's 
'input' attribute in order to get pre-presentation stuff to happen for 
the validate-failures?

Just from a quick look at the dev list, it seems you want to put the 
view class as the last command on the chain. I think I must be missing 

I tell you what, don't bother about it for the moment as I have 
unfortunately no time and it looks like I should be taking this over to 
the dev list to carry on the discussion. If I do get time soon I'll 
subscribe to that list.


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