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From Colin Kilburn <>
Subject Re: Where to store and how to retrieve Images for web app
Date Wed, 01 Dec 2004 14:59:23 GMT

I typically store the images in a web-accessible directory.   I have 
done this in several different webapps (in several languages for that 
matter).  I typically have a table that holds any data about the image, 
most importantly, how to contruct a url for an image tag so I can 
display it on a page.   My scheme is generally to store the image with a 
file name of <record id>.<ext>.    My table generally looks something like:

images (id, alt_text, type/file extension [, image dimensions])

This generally contains all I need to be able to display, create, update 
or delete the image.

The only advantage I see to storing them in a BLOB is the database 
backup benefit that Mark mentioned.   In my case this has not outweighed 
the simplicity of letting a web server serve images from the filesystem, 
which it does very well.

Hope this helps,
Colin wrote:

>My web app will have about 300 users, each of whom will be allowed to
>upload a max of 5 images/digital pictures.  I am using the Struts-upload
>package.  I considered storing the images in MySQL as blobs, but have read
>lots of advice that this is more trouble than it's worth / overkill.
>However, I am perplexed (I am a newbie) as to where I should store them on
>the file system and then how I would retrieve them and get them displayed
>in a browser.  What is a "best practice" for this?
>It would be easy to store them in a subdirectory of the web app, which
>would allow me to include them in my JSPs with a simple HREF tag.  However,
>does this cause problems with the size of the web app, maybe the start-up
>and reload speeds of the container, etc.?  I trialed this by storing 1500
>images in myWebApp/Pictures, starting Tomcat and retrieving images with a
>HREF tag in a JSP.  I didn't notice any impact on startup time or
>performance, but I want to make sure I'm not missing some other problem...
>If I store them in the filesystem outside of the web app directory
>structure, I can't just refer to them in my JSPs with an HREF tag, right?
>It would be more work to have an action servlet retrieve the image file and
>return it to the browser in the response object.  That seems to be just as
>much work as storing them in MySQL, so why not just use MySQL?   What are
>your opinions?
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