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From Woodchuck <>
Subject RE: Where to store and how to retrieve Images for web app
Date Wed, 01 Dec 2004 18:12:47 GMT

yea i also keep images on the fileserver.  it's nice and simple.  as
many others have said already, all that needs to go to the database is
any meta info about the image you require and any other info needed to
construct the image link for display.

no need for any servlet image<-->blob business.  when you need to
deploy or redeploy, just zip up the the images folder or just war the
whole thing and away you go.  can't get simpler than that.

i have also found websphere to be slower than tomcat.  it's not as
zippity as tomcat.  i'm willing to bet that it's because websphere has
a lot of @#$^@#%^@$&@% code in it.


--- Jim Barrows <> wrote:

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> > Subject: RE: Where to store and how to retrieve Images for web app
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> > Does anyone know if there are advantages in particular app-servers
> to
> > keeping your graphics on the filesystem versus in the database?
> Well...let's see... local to server file system, no data xfer across
> network. Store image in DB and you have to pull image across net,
> then shove it out to user.
> Depending on image size and network latency, the container won't make
> any difference at all to performance.  
> If you're doing a lot of images, then you probably want to put Apache
> in front.  I have told apache to redirect certain requests to the
> images directory, while letting my web app write their.  Beats ths
> stuffin out of writing a pass through servlet.  If apache and
> app-server can't reside on same box, share drives or use something
> like rsync to keep both boxes up to date.
> As for app-server speed... I've found Websphere to be somewhat slower
> the Tomcat.... then again.. it could be the @#$^@#%^@$&@% legacy code
> I'm dealing with too.....
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