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From Vinicius Carvalho <>
Subject request question
Date Mon, 25 Oct 2004 11:13:45 GMT
Hi there! This kinda off topic, but I'm confused with that. I have this 
flow on my app:

User search  -> content display -> remove

Let me get in some finer details. The user enters a criteria to filter 
the number of items displayed, on the next screen those items are shown 
with a trash icon, representing the delete action. The user deletes an 
item and then goes back to the screen with the items. The issue here, is 
that I must preserve the criteria. I'd like to avoid to use session, is 
there any better option? I mean, in my jsp I have access to the criteria 
that was put in request, but how to propagate it to the delete action 
and then to the jsp again?
request.setAttribute(request.getAttribute("criteria"),"criteria"); seems 
pretty odd to me.

Thanks all



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