Janne Mattila wrote: > No, I am indeed rendering a tag. I am > converting a non-struts application > to struts and the original JSP has width and height attributes for the > tag. But indeed, it seems that according to HTML specification those > attributes do not exist. I wonder why not, as tag does have them? The fact is, for Struts, that the HTML specification is what it is, so you need to take this to an arena where those decisions are made, like W3C at http://www.w3.org/. If you want, you can build an "upgrade" of that creates an image that is the size you want to put into the tag as width and height. I did that myself. Works great. This all is open source so sometimes we have to chip in and to do it too. That is not a suggestion for you in any "moral" sense but merely an encouragement that there is a solution, and you can implement it. I should have my tag out when I get the details worked out sufficient to make them public. (The difficulty has been a generic solution that covers submit, image, img and . I am close to done now.) Michael --------------------------------------------------------------------- To unsubscribe, e-mail: user-unsubscribe@struts.apache.org For additional commands, e-mail: user-help@struts.apache.org