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From Vic <>
Subject Re: Struts development methodology
Date Wed, 15 Sep 2004 11:38:33 GMT

Yes, using versioning they can all work together.
Yes, UI developers MUST be ahead of Java, else Java people don't know 
what they should implement.
This is all normal and regular and benefit of a layerd framework.

What you do in iterative development is "fake" the data, unill the back 
end CRUD is unit tested (just keep rembering, in order to do Struts 
right, the UI and Java should be able to be testable w/o the other).

So... here is a "hard coded" form bean.

	String _name="XYZ"

	String  getName() {...}
	setName(String x){...}

See, now it has fake data very quickly, so it displays. A variation will 
work for multi row collections, etc. So this is for your prototype. 
Later you implment a DAO and lock it in.

Not using this kind of aproach, you are fighting the framework.


Victor Grazi wrote:

> Not sure I understand.
> What's a CVS? Are u referring to a versioning tool? Yes we have that.
> The  ui developers can do wysiwyg development using struts tags in 
> Dreamweaver. The problem is when they go to view there work in IE, they 
> can't, because the Java people don't work as fast as the ui folks
> ___
> ...... Original Message .......
> On Tue, 14 Sep 2004 20:05:02 -0500 Vic <> wrote:
>>Struts works great for this. I assume you have a CVS, and then leverage 
>>the HTML people to write and maintain your JSP pages. They can use the 
>>html input tags or what ever, and DW has plugins for JSP tag libs, any 
>>and all.
>>The java People can write formbeans that map to the html forms and unit 
>>test CRUD.
>>The layered development, done all the time just like that.
>>Victor Grazi wrote:
>>>We are developing an important struts application for a major bank, and 
> we 
>>>need some advice on methodology...
>>>Our graphic designers are developing the UI in HTML using Dreamweaver 
> and 
>>>Notepad. (They are gifted artists, but they don't much know about Struts 
> or 
>>>We also have Java developers who are concurrently creating the Struts 
>>>Question is - how do you synch up the work of these 2 teams?
>>>One approach would be to give the Java team the html pages and have them 
>>>translate the tags to struts. However this becomes difficult to 
> maintain, 
>>>because if the graphics team makes a few small changes, the entire page 
>>>needs to be retranslated to struts.
>>>Another approach would be to download a Dreamweaver plugin such as FWA 
>>>Visual Struts. We tested that approach and we were actually able to get the 
>>>tags to render in Dreamweaver. However the artists always need to view the 
>>>pages in MS Internet Explorer before signing off, and since the Java 
>>>classes don't exist yet, they can't do that.
>>>We considered another approach where we would create an XSLT transform 
> to 
>>>transform the html pages to a struts equivalent, and embed struts 
> specific 
>>>info into the document using some tags that would not be recognizable to 
>>>the browser. However this is difficult since there is not really a 1 to 
> 1 
>>>correspondence between tags and attributes.
>>>Ok, so those were our ideas, none of them great.
>>>So can you give us any advice?
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