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From "andy wix" <>
Subject RE: Identifying the 'clicked' line when iterating over collection
Date Wed, 01 Sep 2004 09:38:45 GMT

I am trying to follow the advice given yesterday but am now baffled by the 
basic jstl stuff.
I have cut it down to basics and still get no output actually written to the 
page.  I've tried all variations on the theme (have the arraylist in the 
session, use c:outs in the "<TD>" tags etc).
The code is (I have omitted the html stuff):

  Contact con1 = new Contact("name1");
  Contact con2 = new Contact("name2");

  ArrayList contacts = new ArrayList();
    <TABLE border="1">
      <c:forEach var="contact" items="${contacts}" varStatus="status">
        <TD width="5">${status.index}</TD>
        <TD width="150">${}</TD>

<c:out value="Testing"/>

The c:out tag at the end is the only bit that works (writes to the page) so 
I assume the taglib declaration at the top of the file is OK.


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