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From Matt Bathje <>
Subject Re: Validator - Browser Compatibility Issue
Date Fri, 17 Sep 2004 15:42:33 GMT
Seyhan Basmaci wrote:
> Hi,
> We have upgraded to Struts 1.2.2 , but we have encountered a problem. Embedded JavaScript
validators use the following code
>     function validateRequired(form) {
>         var isValid = true;
>         var focusField = null;
>         var i = 0;
>         var fields = new Array();
>         var formName = form.getAttributeNode("name");
>         ...
> However, getAttributeNode is compatible with IE6.0+. Still many clients use IE5.0 &
5.5. Does anyone know whether this incopatibility will be fixed?
> Regards,

Seyhan -

This is probably something you need to ask on the commons/validator user 
list and not on the struts list.

 From what I remember, this change came about because of the new 
"multiple forms on the same page" feature of validator. The original 
patch used the property, but that messed up if you had a form 
element with the name of "name". The options to fix that were to use 
getAttributeNode or a big nasty loop through the form elements, and 
getAttributeNode was chosen.

I would say this isn't a huge problem though, for 2 reasons. The first 
is that the purpose of using vaildator is that you have client and 
server side validation. In addition to that, most "browser statistics" 
sites put IE5.5 (and lower) as being less than 10% of usage. You would 
be doing a lot of work to support a very small population if you wanted 
this "fixed".

Also, just FYI, Struts 1.2.2 is not a good version to be using. It is 
probably best if you upgrade to the 1.2.4 build from the struts 
acquiring page. (not the downloads page!)


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