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From David Durham <>
Subject Re: Hibernate VS ibatis, which is better?
Date Tue, 07 Sep 2004 14:15:33 GMT
Ted Husted wrote:

> On Thu, 02 Sep 2004 10:33:44 -0500, David Durham wrote:
>>  Way to shut down a perfectly good thread, Ted.  -)  BTW, I read
>>  your book.  When's the book covering 2.0 due?
> 2.0 of what? :)

Yeah, I guess it's too early to say. 

Someone could come along with a very comprehensive (1000 pages in small 
font ought to do it) book on Struts, the different Tag libs, and 
different Modeling frameworks.  I think It would be a boon to a lot of 

> An early release is available at the iBATIS.NET site. 
> <>

A co-worker of mine is getting started on a .NET app.  I'll pass this along.


- Dave

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