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From Rick Reumann <>
Subject [OT] someone using Outlook 2003, please tell me it can't be this LAME...
Date Thu, 02 Sep 2004 14:45:19 GMT
Ok, I'm not trying to start an e-mail client war. (I have been using 
Thunderbird as my primary client but do miss some of the features of The 
Bat, but that's not the question I have). At work they've just installed 
Office 2003 so I figured I'd look again at Lookout since I do use it at 
work for the Calendar stuff that I'm forced to use (I can still use 
Thunderbird to get my Exchange server e-mail which is nice). While 
messing with the Outlook e-mail client I can't figure out for the life 
of me how to "sort messages by subject/thread AND by date.. like EVERY 
OTHER client in the world does." If this client can sort like a normal 
client (thunderbird, mozilla, the bat, sylpheed, evolution, kmail, 
pegasus, eudora, poco mail, etc etc) how come it is so difficult to 
figure out how to set it up? I've been messing with these view and 
custom options and still havne't figured it out. I've used both Windows 
and Linux and I actually like Windows for a desktop environment (gasp!) 
but I don't use any of their software other than the OS (I use opera or 
firefox for browsing, thundbird for mail, open office for office stuff). 
I'm really amazed that they could realease an e-mail client that is so 
lame. It's like MS refusing to make IE have tabbed browsing features - 
just stupid - they know people want it but they don't provide it (I 
guess they're afraid to admit that moz/firefox/opera have the right idea.)

Someone tell me how I can get messages sorted correctly in Outlook? I 
want grouped by thread/subject but sorted by received date (preferably a 
  more recent date on an e-mail will simply move the grouped thread up 
or down).



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