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From Jason King <>
Subject Re: Hibernate VS ibatis, which is better?
Date Wed, 01 Sep 2004 20:46:46 GMT
This is very much a YMMV type question.  If your 
background/experience/expertise is in database then ibatis (where the 
sql is all clearly deliniated) is a fine choice.  If you're a java 
person, then having a wrapper like Hibernate to shield you from the SQL 
may be more to your liking.
Ask yourself the question "Would I rather debug  a sql problem or a java 
problem?"  If the former, then iBatis is more likely your best answer, 
if the latter than Hibernate.  I'm not suggesting either of the products 
have problems, just that when you develop a real application there will 
be problems and which DAO tool you use has an effect on where those 
problems are likely to occur/be fixed.

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