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From Christoph Kutzinski <>
Subject Re: [OT] "Enter" key listener for form submittal
Date Wed, 01 Sep 2004 14:19:50 GMT
Slattery, Tim - BLS wrote:

>>I found this JavaScript, which is supposed to listen for the 
>>"Enter" key on any browser (and submit the form on keypress).
>>However, it doesn't seem to be working in IE:
> I don't think you need this. By default, pushing the "Enter" key is
> equivalent to clicking the "Submit" button.

No this is no default, this is a terrible mistake that MS introduced in 
Internet Explorer and which - what was even more terrible - Mozilla has 
(The really bad thing about this is that i you cannot disable it!)

I haven't tested ist with other browsers, but I hope there a some good 
browsers left that don't show this stupid behaviour.

If you have multiple submit buttons (next, cancel, back) there is no 
sensible default button which enter should trigger, so this behaviour is 
just a plain bug IMHO.

Sorry for my tone, but I have to bother with this bug right now.

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