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From Brett Connor <>
Subject Re: How long is Action's scope?
Date Wed, 01 Sep 2004 07:31:35 GMT
Leandro Melo wrote:

>for how long will an Action be in memory?
>Here's the point.
>I have a situation where the user register his/her
>company in my application. He/she uses a wizard of 4
>jsp pages, as he/she submits one, he/she is redirected
>to the other one. In this situation i keep a reference
>of my Stateful session ejb in HttpSession so the 4
>Actions can reference them to complete the wizard.
>This is pretty much fine to me.
>BUT..., now i'm facing a new question. I have a
>similar situation where the user can submit the page
>more than one time, and it is always the SAME aciton
>the will handle this request. It's a search page, so
>the user can search once, search again, search even
>more, and it always the same action the will handel
>this (behind the scenes a i got a business POJO that
>implements the ValueListHandler pattern). For this
>case i also have a Statefull session ejb that
>maintains a reference to my business POJO (the one
>that implements the valueListHandler). Obviously, this
>Statefull sesison ejb is accessed by this one Action
>that i've been talking about.
>My question is:
>In the first situation i mentioned, i had to save a
>reference to my Stateful session ejb in HttpSession
>because 4 action would need that reference. But what
>should i do for the last situation?? Only one Action
>will handle the user requests, so can i ASSUME that
>this Action will still be in memory for next requests
>and consequently this Action will still have a
>reference to my my Statefull Session ejb (naturally,
>this reference would be a member of the action).??
>For how long???

Don't forget that the action is not specific to one user / session / 
connection. Think about the case of 2, or 100 users all doing a search. 
If this is a statefull session ejb you're using I doubt holding a 
reference in the action is really what you want to do, unless I've 
misunderstood your situation here.

Brett Connor

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