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From Leandro Melo <>
Subject struts exception handler
Date Wed, 01 Sep 2004 16:54:03 GMT
I got this from struts page.
"Don't throw it, catch it! - Ever used a commercial
website only to have a stack trace or exception thrown
in your face after you've already typed in your credit
card number and clicked the purchase button? Let's
just say it doesn't inspire confidence. Now is your
chance to deal with these application errors - in the
Action class. If your application specific code throws
expections you should catch these exceptions in your
Action class, log them in your application's log
(servlet.log("Error message", exception)) and return
the appropriate ActionForward.".

But what about struts mecahnism of handling
exceptions? I`m really used to throw exceptions from
my actions and let the configurabled exception handler
(i actually use the default one) take care of the rest.

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