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From Joe Germuska <>
Subject RE: Bean's get method with parameter
Date Fri, 27 Aug 2004 14:03:53 GMT
At 10:03 AM +0100 8/27/04, Paul McCulloch wrote:
>A getter with a paramteter is not a bean property, and so won't be
>accessible with the usual tags.

This is true, and in general, Paul's suggestion below is the right way to go.

Still, it's interesting to note out that Struts 
(or more accurately, commons-beanutils) does 
support one special case where you can pass a 
parameter, the MappedProperty.  This is a 
property which requires a String parameter in the 
accessor: theoretically a key to a map.  You can 
subvert this to have an accessor which does 
something else with the String, such as use it 
for a date format.

I did this for a Struts 1.0 project before the 
JSTL was released and when the Struts bean tags 
also hadn't yet added any formatting control.


>I'd suggest that the formatting of your date is the responsibility of your
>view layer, and not the form bean. The easiest way to do waht you ar after
>is to use the JSTL's <fmt: formatDate> tag:
>	<fmt: formatDate>
>		<bean:write name="theClass"
>	</fmt: formatDate>
>This will automatically pick up the request locale.
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>>  From: Vaclavik Radek []
>>  Sent: Friday, August 27, 2004 9:53 AM
>>  To:
>>  Subject: Bean's get method with parameter
>>  Hi,
>>  this question may have a simple answer, but currently I don't
>>  see it :)
>>  From my JSP I wanto access some bean's property which
>>  returns, say, date as
>>  string in localized format, depending on currently selected locale
>>  (Globals.LOCALE_KEY).
>>  Currently, I have method like this in my bean:
>>  getLastChangedDateString(Locale locale){
>>  ..
>>  return some_string
>>  }
>>  Therefor, the returned date string is formatted accordingly to current
>>  locale. Is it possible to pass this parameter (locale) to the
>>  get method,
>>  from jsp? Something like:
>>  <bean:write name="theClass"
>>  property="lastChangedDateString(here_I_need_the_current_locale)"/>
>>  OR
>>  another solution came to my mind: Have the method
>>  getLastChagedDateString()
>>  without parameters and let the method find out the current
>>  locale itself.
>>  But here I don't know wheter, and if so then how, the bean
>>  has access to
>>  current session in order to retrieve the current locale.
>>  Any hints?
>>  Thanks in advance.
>>  Radek
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