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From "Robert Taylor" <>
Subject RE: Using Struts HTML tags
Date Fri, 27 Aug 2004 13:36:48 GMT
Just a note:
You cannot embed tags within another tag's attribute; ie,

<html:radio property="id" value="<bean:write name="user" property="fromDomain"/>"/>

is not allowed.

You could use JSTL and do something like

<html:radio property="id" value="${user.fromDomain}"/>

I think your container has to be JSP2.0 compliant; if not
then you could use the Struts-EL library.


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> From: Varley, Roger []
> Sent: Friday, August 27, 2004 8:59 AM
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> Subject: Using Struts HTML tags
> Hi
> I'm trying to use the <html:radio> tag. What I'm trying to do is to ensure that
the selected radio button is returned in 
> the ActionFormBean for this page and the value that is returned is contained in a session
bean "user" property 
> "fromDomain". What I want to see in the generated HTML is <input type="radio" name="id"
value="myDomain"/> where myDomain 
> is the value of bean user.getFromDomain().
> I've tried <html:radio property="id" value="<bean:write name="user" property="fromDomain"/>"/>
which fails to compile, 
> whilst escaping the double quotes <html:radio property="id" value="<bean:write
name=\"user\" property=\"fromDomain\"/> 
> writes the string "<bean:write name="user" property="fromDomain"/>" into the value
attribute of the html.
> Can I actually do what I want to do?
> Regards
> Roger
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